A team of renewable energy experts have figured out a way to beat the zero energy challenge and create a Net Positive Home. This home generates sufficient energy to heat, cool, and enjoy all of today’s electronic conveniences, including transportation,  AND , provide excess power to the grid. These homes, when replicated, are the future of energy creation for most of the world. No more need for dirty or dangerous energy. Click through the home and understand that it is the combination of all of these technologies that provides the correct recipe. Not just one, all used at the same time so we can capture all energy whenever and wherever it is available.

  • What’s a Dead Roof?

    A dead roof is a roof without solar. Slate, asphalt shingles or other materials are perceived to look pretty. They do nothing. The materials are dug out of the earth, sit on your roof and over time rot or blow away. I think it is crazy that we continue to build roofs that are dead. My children often point out roofs with solar and say ” look Dad , there is a nice looking roof that is actually doing something. Solar efficiency means the amount of electricity made from one cell. Multiple cells create a panel and multiple panels create an array.

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  • Get Fit-Get Energized

    Human Power Generator converts kinetic energy into electricity and directly output to small household appliances. An optional Mobile Power Storage System can be connected with the Human Power Generator for electricity storage purposes, the stored electricity will then be inverted back to standard pure sine wave AC power for lightings, computers, televisions, radio, chargers, fruit mixers, oxygen machines, electric fans, etc, or other small household appliances. This zero emission and quiet renewable energy power generator is not subject to any limitations, as long as human power is available. 


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