What Can It Do? 

Your home creates enough power to live comfortably without sacrificing any of today’s technologies or conveniences. Today you can have it all and have it in your automobile. Cars ranging from the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Model S can be powered from your energy producing home. I’ll use my own personal story and math as an example. I used to spend $275 per month on Gasoline. I drive the Tesla by choice.


By choice I mean I used to drive a BMW 5 series, a luxury car. The Model S handles as well, if not better, and is faster. It has a similar cache, if not more. If you deduct the $275 per month that I do not spend on gasoline over a five year period, you can deduct 16,500 off of the price of a Tesla. If you choose the $65,000 60 kW model, your cost is very similar to a well-equipped % series. The Nissan Leaf would be the equivalent of a smaller car with less of a range but with a similar story.


Perhaps a car this size would be driven by someone who only spent $125 per month on gasoline. Over a five year period that would equate to $7,500 over a five year period. AND your home can create the clean energy you need to power your car.

Think about your home providing you with the power and how close your power source is to its use. Then think about an oil rig, far away from most people reading this. The oil is shipped to a refinery. The refinery cooks the oil. Separates the gasoline during the cooking process, then stores and ships the gas to a station. Insane when you really think about it.


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