What Can it Do

Running water happens all of the time inside of a home and the energy is wasted. The ability to capture its energy without interrupting its pressure exists. You can capture energy from the waste water from a washing machine or dishwasher, or the output from a sink or showerhead while you bathe or clean your dishes.

A small generator is installed at the end of the line in all cases so as not to interrupt the pressure, or so that it does not cause the water companies to have to add power or pressure to the existing line. The turbine will spin and pressure will be slightly reduced as a result, but just the same as a screen does on a sink ,or how shower head reduces pressure. This technology exists today. It has been installed in many commercial bathrooms. When the water runs, the small turbines charge a battery that is used to power the soap dispenser. ( you know the ones that never have soap in them). In our design the power is routed to our central storage system inside of the home and becomes part of our power creating ability. It is not a lot of production, although it is measurable. It can really add up over time considering a four person household takes 4 showers a day, brushes teeth and washes hands. Discharge from the washing machine and dishwasher over time add up as well. Each faucet and showerhead has these installed throughout the home.


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