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What is a Dead Roof 

A dead roof is a roof without solar. Slate, asphalt shingles or other materials are perceived to look pretty. They do nothing. The materials are dug out of the earth, sit on your roof and over time rot or blow away. I think it is crazy that we continue to build roofs that are dead. My children often point out roofs with solar and say ” look Dad , there is a nice looking roof that is actually doing something. Solar efficiency means the amount of electricity made from one cell. Multiple cells create a panel and multiple panels create an array.

Over time solar cells are becoming more and more efficient.


Once the cost of solar comes down , and the efficiency comes up , solar will play a large roll in providing power to our planet. No smell , no noise. There are several industrial directions that solar is heading. It is estimated that building a solar farm the size of Rhode Island in the Sahara Desert could potentially power the world. My goal is to keep it simple, since the odds of that happening seems slim, and focus your attention on what it can create right now on your otherwise dead roof.

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